I. Cooked. Meat.

After eight years of dragging my feet along the omnivore's bandwagon - picking at bacon crumbs, sipping chicken broth, dipping my potatoes in gravy and pretending that I didn't know that my favorite cheeses contained rennet  - I've finally hopped back onboard. I am officially a full-fledged meat eater.

Well, almost.

I decided that if I was going to begin eating meat, that I would eat actual meat - none of this poultry nonsense. I have no interest in feathered clucking creatures that cook up dry and boring.
My first choice sin? None other than the ethically controversial, ridiculously expensive, perfectly tender, succulently juicy milk-fed veal. Drenched in a mushroom, shallot and white wine sauce, served alongside cheesy asparagus spears and complimented beautifully by a spinach and sunflower seed salad with a sweet balsamic vinagrette, I may have just cooked the best meal of all time.

Go on now, stop drooling and make it for yourself tonight! Novices, don't be intimidated - you'll soon discover that cooking veal is fast and easy, and the final product looks (and smells) ridiculously impressive.