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I started this blog back in 2009 because I wanted to share my recipes with the world. At the time, my entire list of followers consisted solely of my Mom. 6 years, over a hundred posts, and thousands of loyal followers later, I'm bringing you more vegan and vegetarian recipes than ever. Speaking of my mom, she is the inspirational woman who taught me how to mix up my very first batch of cookie dough over 20 years ago. (Thanks, Ma!)

Who is Allison?
Allison is a Montrealer who hates the cold, loves bagels and likes to make upcycled crafts in her spare time. She is a former high school teacher, currently taking some time off from one of her passions in order to pursue another. She is currently working as a professional pastry chef,  spending her days making delicious custom sweets for her very own company (see her stuff here!) Allison studied traditional photography back in college and started taking pictures of her food way before Instagram or camera phones even existed. How's that for hipster?

So she's not REALLY a vegetarian/vegan, is she?
Allison is an advocate of plant-based diets, and she eats mostly vegan diet at home, but she does not like to label herself.  For instance, from time to time, you may catch her enjoying some sustainably sourced fish, as she did last summer in New Orleans. You may also see her occasionally drizzling some fair trade honey into her green tea. Call her a flexatarian, a pescetarian, a confused omnivore, whatever - she eats what she enjoys, and she encourages you to do the same. She loves a colourful plate of food, and she believes that plants are the healthiest things that people can consume, but beware - she will fight you for a grilled cheese sandwich.

Where do her recipes come from?
Allison creates the majority of her own recipes, unless otherwise stated. She is inspired by friends, family, and of course, whatever's in her fridge.

Allison encourages you to try out the various recipes on this site. She tries to make a little something for everyone - so even if you've got special dietary needs (gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, raw), you'll find something here! Please comment on the posts to let her know how it came out, what you liked or didn't like, and if you changed anything. She'd be more than happy to respond and help you along in your own kitchen adventures. Allison is always open to suggestions - if there's a recipe you want to see, she'll do her best to make it for you. Send her an email, or comment right here!

Allison loves writing website bios in the third person, and she thanks you for stopping by.
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  1. Beautiful recipes. And beautiful pictures. Very impressive !!

  2. HI,

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    Have a great day.


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