The WhatTheHellAreYouEating Sandwich (Avocado & Beans)

Sometimes, the best tasting foods are the messiest ugliest most aesthetically unappealing ones. Prime example: Sloppy Joes. Visually, Sloppy Joes resemble a bread bun that's regurgitated a hamburger onto itself. And, living well up to their name, these babies will dribble down your chin, pour down your wrists, and splash all over your brand new cream coloured pants. But, there is a reason why these greasy, juicy open-face sandwiches continue to be a comfort food for North Americans - because they're absolutely delicious!

Though I do often love a beautifully presented meal, lately I've had a tendency to just slop a bunch of stuff together and dig right in. My recent meal choices have often come hand in hand with my host family making funny faces at me and often uttering the phrase "what are you eating now?!" Today was no different. I decided that I wanted to eat some leftover beans for lunch, and I felt like they'd go well with some avocado.

Fajitas perhaps? No desire to clean a frying pan.
Burritos? No tortillas.
Makeshift-whatever's-in-the-fridge-tex-mex sandwich? Done.

Super hearty. Super healthy. Super delicious.

Bean & Avocado Sandwich
original recipe by Allison Sklar

what you'll need
note: quantities are for 1 sandwich. multiply to your liking.
two slices toasted bread (of your choice)
1 tbsp hummus
1 avocado
2 tbsp cup red kidney beans
1 tbsp chickpeas
2 tbsp corn kernels
1 tsp garlic powder
1 sprinkle salt
1 dash lime juice (optional)

how to do it
In a small bowl, mash avocado with garlic, salt and lime. Toss with beans, chickpeas and corn. Spread hot toast with hummus on both sides. Top each toast with avocado mixture. Garnish with sour cream and fresh sprouts. Eat open face.


  1. anything with avocado is always good! hope you're having a nice one!

  2. Oh yum - now I'm hungry!!! Can't wait to get some avocado - 'cause I'll be making this up!!!

  3. Hi Allison! Thanks so much for the follow! This looks so good. All of your recipes look so good...I may need those macaroons asap. I currently follow a paleo diet loosely and so many of these seem to fit. Thanks for sharing! :) -Lo

  4. ooohh.. that is something new for me :)

  5. Hi! i'm sorry I've been MIA but have had a few crazy days... your postcard will be featured in tomorrow's post... come and check in out!

  6. I've just discovered your blog via Punctuation Mark and I love it! I make it a point of using up everything, I hate wasting food. Can't wait to read more!

  7. Have also come across from Punctuation Mark and was great to discover you and your blog.
    Great title and fun post, look forward to coming to visit again.

    Happy week