This is the best brussel sprouts recipe that you’ll encounter on the internet today. In these brussel sprout tacos, brussel sprouts are layered on top of saucy lentil “meat” and topped with cubes of roasted sweet potato for the ultimate healthy comfort food. This is more than just a brussel sprout slaw for tacos – the brussel sprouts are arguably the star of the show! To serve, fresh corn tortillas are our fave, but feel free to use flour tortillas, or even hard shells. This vegan taco recipe is versatile and you can get playful and creative with the toppings. We like to use a mix of cooked, raw and pickled veggies to add depth, flavour and texture. We love to top ours off with homemade pickled onions (pickled onion recipe here!) and pickled carrots (pickled carrot recipe here!) Since this is a vegan brussel sprouts recipe, there is no bacon, but feel free to add some if that’s what you like.

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What are the ingredients for brussel sprout tacos?

For this recipe, you will need