You can do this. Really. You can make your own bread. Bonus? You only need 3 ingredients that you probably already have lying around, plus a little bit of water, and only 4 hours. I say only, because a lot of breads of this caliber require a long rise, a lot of hands-on time, and some serious schedule planning.  Yes, you do need to be present for these 4 hours, but most of the time required is hands-off.

Start this recipe just after lunch, and it’ll be ready to go by dinnertime.   Perfect way to amp up your Vegan Banh Mi.  

Surprisingly, bread baking isn’t my forté. That said, I do have a handful of tried and tested recipes that (almost) never fail. This recipe is one of them. This is the bread recipe for those who think that they simply can’t bake bread. I know that homemade bread is that sort of intimidating thing that, when done wrong, can make you feel like a total failure. (I used to think that I was banished forever to store-bought loaves.) However, when done right, baking bread can truly make you feel like you just conquered your own kitchen.