Potato sales are plummeting in North America, so as consumers, we can help by consuming more potatoes. I feel pretty passionate about this, so I’m doing my part: I’m making gnocchi.

Many moons ago, I shared my favorite recipe for sweet potato gnudi. Gnudi and gnocchi are both dumpling style pastas, except gnudi is shaped with a pastry bag & gnocchi is rolled out. I used to think making gnocchi would be tedious, but it turned out to be surprisingly easy. I treated myself to a cute little gnocchi board, but it’s not at all mandatory – you could easily attain similar results with the back of a fork. The original recipe was shared with me by a friend on Facebook. She’s an awesome Italian chef & cooking instructor, so I knew her recipe would be no-fail.

I paired this gnocchi with a delightfully delicious cream sauce that was a cinch to cook & chock full ‘o veg. I kept it on the healthier side by using 2% milk instead of heavy cream & flour as a thickening agent. If you’re vegan, it would be equally as delish with oat milk, or any neutral plant-based milk of your choice. I have included my sauce recipe below the gnocchi recipe, so just scroll down!