I’ve always had a thing for macaroons. Perhaps it’s because they always come out at this time of year, so they remind me of warming weather and budding trees. Perhaps it’s because they are often the only cookie on the Seder table that doesn’t taste questionably like cardboard. Or, perhaps it’s because I’ve never quite known what they are made of… and I’ve always been intrigued how a cookie that is seemingly made entirely of coconut could taste so strongly of marzipan. In the spirit of all things homemade, this year, I’ve decided to make my very own macaroons.And then I decided to play around with them & flavour them up. First, almond extract. Then, vanilla.

And then I found a jar of matcha.

Oh yes, I did. I made matcha macaroons. You can stop drooling now. Because they are incredibly easy. And fast. And you are going to make some too. Right now. Chag Semeach!