Soft pretzels bring back memories of childhood. In the early 90’s, I loved going to see the Expos play – not because I loved baseball – but because I knew that it meant that I’d get to drink orange soda and share a soft pretzel with my dad. When the Expos decided to pack up and leave the city, I knew that my soft-pretzel eating days were over. Sure, they sometimes had them at the Hockey games, but they just weren’t the same.

Unlike in the States, good soft pretzels are hard to come by up here in Canada, and each one that I’ve had has only been mediocre. I was originally going to say that my recipe will help you re-create the kind of soft pretzels that you get at the mall – but that would be a lie. It would be a lie because these pretzels are SO much better than mall pretzels. The melt-in your mouth fluffy goodness combined with the satisfaction of knowing that you made them yourself may just create the perfect pretzel.

Now, you’re likely visiting my blog today because you’re wondering: how do I make soft pretzels?! The method is indeed quite simple, an easy task even for novice bakers.