This is THE blog that will show you how to make the BEST vegan honey garlic sauce. You know what, make that the BEST honey garlic sauce, ever. Point finale. (Bonus points for being vegan!)

When you’re craving Chinese style food, without the added MSG or questionable ingredients that many restaurants or prepared meals contain, THIS should become your go-to sauce recipe.

I used to rely on the trusty honey-garlic in a bottle, until I realized that I could make my own – tastier, healthier, and at a fraction of the price of the stuff in a jar. The secret ingredient? Molasses. It gives the sauce that low-and-slow-cooked taste, without the lengthy process of actually slow cooking. Mix it with a bit of tamari, a lot of garlic, and a squirt of hot sauce (or a pinch of chili powder) and BAM! The most delicious Asian style sauce this side of the equator.