Here is a hearty recipe that you can easily throw together using some pantry staples. These molasses baked beans are done all in one pot – so you’re also left with very little clean up! They are plant based, perfect for vegans, a true comfort food for all. Pantry cooking at it’s best.

It’s currently Spring 2020, and no matter where in the world you are, you are likely under some sort of social-distancing-isolation-quarantine situation. If you were already an avid cook, you may be cooking up a storm. Or, you may be like one of thousands of people who are just discovering cooking for the first time. (The lack of yeast on store shelves is an indicator that everyone and his mother is now baking bread!) No matter how you found your way here, I’m glad you came.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably trying to use up as much as you already have on hand, avoiding unnecesary trips out. With Josh being immunocompromised, we are taking extra strong precautions. We’ve managed to avoid going to any store or any public place for almost 3 weeks! I’m now turning to my pantry for ideas, and I have to say – I’ve been pretty creative.