Pickled red onions are the one condiment that you’ll always want have in your fridge! These vibrant pink onions add a tangy, crunchy topping to anything from salads to charcuterie boards. This no-cook pickled onion recipe requires only 5 ingredients and is ready in 10 minutes! You’ll only need onions, vinegar, water & a little bit of salt & sugar. Thanks to the acid, sugar and salt, pickling is an excellent method of preserving onions. When kept refrigerated, these pickled red onions will last up to 4 weeks – that is, if you don’t eat them all first.

How to make quick pickled onions

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To make pickled onions, begin by preparing your ingredients. Measure out your vinegar, water, sugar and salt and combine into a saucepan. You’ll need to slice your onions thinly, so make sure to use a very sharp knife. A mandolin will do as well, if you’re comfortable with using one.

Peel & slice onions

To peel your onion easily, slice the onion in half length wise (from root to top). The peel will come off much easier than if you try to peel it whole. Discard the peel.