This spicy chili crisp recipe is my take on the cult-favorite lao gan ma chili crisp. It’s spicy, savory, umami, salty, sweet, and crunchy – oh, and reader beware, it is quite addictive.

What is Spicy Chili Crisp?

The original Lao Gan Ma Chili Crisp is an oily, spicy condiment made mainly from neutral oil and chili flakes, laced with crispy crunchy garlic and shallots. It has an addicive umami taste that can only be attributed to it’s MSG content – an ingredient that I have left out of my version. Instead of MSG, this chili crisp recipe uses a blend of tamari and mushroom powder to hit all those sweet umami spots. If you like chili oil, chili garlic oil, or sichuan chili oil, you’ll absolutely LOVE chili crisp.

Chili Crisp Ingredients

How to Make Spicy Chili Crisp

The method to make this delicious crispy condiment is easy and attainable, and you probably have most of the ingredients in your kitchen. The one item that you might not have is mushroom powder, which you can easily order online. If you don’t have, or you don’t want to buy, mushroom powder, you can also use a spoonful of vegetable broth powder.