Spanakopita, a traditional greek dish, literally translates to spinach pie. Made with a flaky phyllo (sometimes spelled “filo”) pastry crust & filled with spinach and cheese, it can be served as an apetizer, but is hearty enough to stand on it’s own as a meal. In the past, I would make this into individual triangles, which is great for parties, but then I learned that the traditional way to make it is actually significantly easier! It comes together in a cinch and takes only a handful of ingredients.

VEGAN/DAIRY-FREE ALTERNATIVE : You can make this vegan by using soft tofu in place of the feta & use a plant-based yogurt. Be sure to add some extra seasoning (salt, pepper & garlic or onion powder!)

If you’ve never worked with phyllo, don’t be intimidated. It is very thin, and can easily rip, but it’s also pretty forgiving once it’s all cooked, especially in this recipe. Just make sure to keep it wrapped & sealed until you use it. It tends to dry out very quickly, which makes it harder to work with. Another tip: use your hands to spread the oil. Seriously. It works better than a pastry brush – and it’s fun!