A while back, my Instagram pretty much blew up over my vegan quinoa-stuffed sweet potato. well, it’s been two years, so I think it’s time for a twist. Say hello to what’s sure to be a crowd-pleasing favorite, for vegans, vegetarians and omnivores alike. Hands up for these sexy stuffed sweet potatoes with curried chickpeas & caramelized onions. Oh, and did I mention that they only have SIX INGREDIENTS?! Yeah. I know. I win at life.

Anyone who’s made caramelized onions before knows what a time consuming process it can be. NOT ANYMORE! Thanks to the Food Lab, I learnt a couple of quick hacks to make onions caramelize faster.

Caramelized onion hack number 1 – use high heat.
Caramelized onion hack number 2 – add sugar.
Caramelized onion hack number 3 – a sprinkle of baking soda!