Montreal weather patterns seem to live by the catch-phrase “go big or go home.” We receive frequent weather warnings, which advise us to keep our pets, small children and elderly indoors. The past few days have come with such warnings – today’s was aptly titled “High Heat and Humidity Alert.” 
A raunchy 42 degree heat has rendered daily activities much less pleasant – so turning on a stove, or any appliance (other than an air conditionner) is undeniably out of the question. 

Now what’s a girl to do when she’s invited someone special for dinner under such circumstances? Sweat it out and risk being unpresentable for the sake of good food? Of course not! The answer, my friends, is a no-cook meal. Alas, enter a summertime wonder: gazpacho. Serve alongside a greek style salad and some vegetable rice wraps, and you’ve got yourself a complete no-cook, vegan, gluten-free, low-prep, fuss-free meal.

And it’s refreshingly delicious, to boot!