What are vegan molasses spice cookies you ask? Ginger. Molasses. Nutmeg. Cinnamon. Crackling crinkling outside. Soft and chewy middle. The perfect cold weather cookie. Easy. Fast. Delicious.

This minimalist recipe takes all of the autumnal comforts and wraps them up into one cookie. Bonus? These guys are free from any animal products. No dairy. No eggs. Just pure ooyey gooey molasses spice bliss.

I searched online and I couldn’t seem to find any good recipes that didn’t require a flax egg, or a chia egg, or some sort of tapioca or other fancy ingredients that I did not have on hand. So, I decided to use my pastry knowledge to create my very own recipe without gritty egg substitutes. That’s right. A vegan cookie WITHOUT flax eggs. Magic.